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We believe in change by creativity. In today’s fast-paced world, performance is everything.

Corporate training

Lead A More (LAM) is a business leadership training series meant for business owners who want to bring about a positive change in their businesses.

So are you constantly plagued by questions like-

  • How can I grow my business?
  • How can I get new business ideas?
  • How do I earn a profit in my business?
  • How do I make my business brand successful?
  • How do I manage my business?

Do not worry. totheidea has come up with a power-packed training series for business-minded people. Business owners have to face many challenges like sales, management, branding, licensing, staff management and competition. totheidea LAM training series talks about these challenges and how to improve your business.

Well, it also includes training on what not to do that could hamper your business growth. From expansion strategies to branding, from sales to customer delight, from leadership to competition analysis, LAM conducts 7 training sessions including personal consultation with the participants. The sessions are productive with training inputs and personal consulting to change the mindset of the businessmen for positive outcomes.

Lead A More (LAM) sessions are as follows:

  • Pre LAM session
  • 3 personal counseling
  • 2 group meetings
  • 1 brand development counseling
  • 1 business place visit

The highlights of the Lead A More (LAM) series are:

  • My business is my choice- Business training “to be” against “to do”.
  • Billion dollar mindset- High thinking attitude to get a consistently positive outcome
  • Brand communication- True and supportive business communications
  • Leader within you- To train the true leader within you
  • Customer first- Customer delight and value management
  • Team Works- team building and leadership training as a team player
  • Easy sales- to make your salesmanship easy and profitable

Come and join our power-packed Lead A More (LAM) business leadership training series and see for yourself how you transform your business into a successful venture. Stay one step ahead!    

Our winning training program EQUIP is an exclusive manager and staff training service to enhance the workforce to the optimal level. This productive development training series includes:

  • Self-development- Self-conditioning and commitment to work
  • Behavioral attitude- To inculcate positive attitude consistently
  • Communication and body language- internal, external, technical communication through positive body language
  • Time and stress management- managing time at workplace whilst being more productive and efficient
  • Presentation and grooming- office etiquettes and presentation of self and the company
  • Interpersonal relationship- trust building processes, maintaining cordial relationships with peers and clients, customer care.
  • TEAM culture through outbound training- positive team player with responsibility and duty.

With our EQUIP self-managing leadership training session, you are assured of a positive outcome. This EQUIP training is beneficial to the staff because-

  • High achieving individuals mean constant growth for your company
  • Employee development strengthens loyalty
  • You get to recruit the top talents with this training program
  • Training enhances the knowledge transfer
  • Employee development decreases the likelihood of mistakes.
  • It increases productivity
  • This training will help you retain your customers
  • It will reduce the overall cost of business and staff management.

EQUIP by totheidea is an exclusive staff and manager training series to enhance your workforce to the optimum level. This certification training series is conducted by an experienced training team that will help you enhance the productivity of your staff. EQUIP will help you transform your organization and bring in a transformation in the market.

Business systems and processes are the building blocks of any organization. Every facet of your business- the warehouse, shop floor, accounts department or the office- is a part of the system. totheidea business system development helps you to apply the correct principles to improve or manage the systems.      

Our business system development and implementation comprise four parts:

  1. Strategy- we understand how your organization thinks and plans
  2. Processes- we identify the company operations
  • People- we process the organization leads
  1. Technology- we make out the way your organization connects

With our business system development and implementation, you will see guaranteed positive results. The benefits are immense-

  • It helps you to connect all the organization’s intricate parts and interrelated steps to work together seamlessly.
  • When you have a proper business system in place, you deliver value to your customers
  • We provide effective business system development that unifies the problem solving and decision making of the organization
  • It will help you to lead your people and connect them to an operational strategy
  • Our system development is so designed so as to improve top-line performance and get consistent results.
  • We will measure what your customers want and help you to improve the brand

With our sound business system development and implementation, you can reduce costs and increase profits considerably. We take a holistic approach to creating a business system that involves the entire organization.

Sales training is quintessential if you are to shape the future of your company. totheidea provides sales training to your sales representative so that they become familiarized with the processes.

What we cover in our totheidea sales training sessions:

  • We provide them training in essential sales skills like finding prospects, giving a sales demonstration, drawing up a proposal, closing the deal, and onboarding clients after a deal. We use demonstrations and role-playing exercises so that the sales reps can model their sales skills to potential customers.
  • Understanding all facets of customer experience is one of the important traits any sales rep should cultivate. We train them to have genuine empathy for customers and empathize with what the customers are feeling at all the stages of the sales processes.
  • We train them to connect with prospective customers with the right resources and their unique selling proposition during the sales processes.
  • Team-building exercises are provided so that the sales reps bond together as a team
  • Our training session includes a self-assessment module that will help them to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses.

We have designed a good totheidea staff training course that teaches how the salespeople should fit their approach to their customers. We provide them with the sales performance improvement initiative that is strategic to provide long-term value to the organization.

totheidea provides leadership (managerial) training that seeks to transition an employee from being a team member to having a team leader mindset. In simple words, we design an individual to contribute as well as manage a team. By investing in our leadership training you can gain high returns with better leaders. Better leaders constantly guide their teams. totheidea leadership training aims to equip managers with varying skills and experience.

Our training module consists of these topics-

  • Transitioning the mindset of a leader from a team member to a team leader
  • Managing the team members as well as dealing with peers
  • Coaching the managers for preparation, engagement, constructive feedback, dealing with obstacles, performance dialogues, action plans for improvement, and follow up.
  • We teach them to prioritize work by the art of delegation
  • Our leadership training session includes tutoring them to build and manage high-performance teams by forming, storming, performing the role of a leader in each stage.
  • We aid the learning process through real-life examples and situational leadership case studies.

totheidea leadership training focuses on various soft skills that aid enhanced teamwork and productive relationships.

Student Training

totheidea introduces to you first of a kind personality development course for students that is aimed at making them powerful and unique. Our YUVA training consists of powerful two modules

  1. Will development training series

This training series contains 4 sessions that are designed for image building of the students. The prime concepts of this series are-

  • Self-management techniques (I know..I am special)- Here, the students are made to identify themselves from within and improve their self-confidence by introducing self to themselves.
  • Right attitude development (My thoughts work)- The students are made to develop the right positive attitude and how to stick with it consistently.
  • Dream-Goal-Vision (See the invisible)- We teach them to make an action plan and to focus on their aspiration and ambition. We teach them strategies to achieve their goals.
  • Exam preparation (Super memory)- we have designed some special memorization techniques that help them to improvise in their studies this resulting in high scores.

This series helps the students to enhance their efficiency and improve their self-confidence.

  1. Skill development training series

The students can benefit immensely from our 4 sessions for skill development training series in YUVA. Maximize your opportunities and learn to develop your skills with confidence. 

  • Time/ Stress Management (Be your boss)- We teach students some of the finest strategies of time management and prioritization that will automatically reduce their stress levels.
  • Creativity workshop (Creative You)- This workshop is intended to bolster a student’s creativity and ideas and bring them to conceptualization.
  • Grooming skills (Look good, feel good)- We tell the students about some good mannerisms and etiquettes so that they feel good and look good with a strong personality brought forward.
  • Effective team building (To the world)- Let the student discover a new world with powerful techniques to mingle with their peers and take the best place in a team.

The skill series in YUVA places importance on bringing out the positives in a student and leveraging its position at the best level possible.

totheidea brings you motivational seminar that is open to all the students of 8th grade and above. It is a series of 5 training sessions that includes talks on studies and how to boost positive thinking. The seminar topics include-

How to change the thought process of students into productive thinking

  • To create a burning desire within and ignite the ambition of achieving good results and successful career.
  • To help the students face tough challenges
  • From a “Maybe” to “I Can” attitude
  • To focus on possibilities and results
  • Promote growth mindset over a fixed mindset
  • Interact with like-minded people and develop self-confidence
  • Establish goals and work towards achieving it
  • Making the students accountable and teaching them responsibilities.

totheidea MARG brings about a change in the student through motivational seminars. Students feel demotivated too often and neglect their studies. This seminar will freshen up their minds and help them discover themselves. Nurturing motivation needs time, effort and energy. MARG explores all possibilities of keeping alive the passion for learning in students. This motivational seminar is worthwhile and the students will cultivate a fresh and new mindset after attending it.   

Here is the challenge- How can you make your study not only tolerable but actively fun? totheidea has excellent tips for students so that they study and enjoy their exams.

  • Tired of memorizing? We have superb memorization techniques that will help you to score high in your exams.
  • Not able to concentrate on your studies? totheidea will help you to develop strategies that will improve your concentration power.
  • Is reading continuously too boring? We have some outstanding techniques to gamify your studies.
  • Getting demoralized with exams? Never mind. We will teach you how to challenge yourself so that you can cope up with the long haul.
  • Are you feeling that studies are too engaging? No, it is not so when you mix up some activities with studies.
  • Getting exam jitters very often? We teach you some relaxing exercises so that you do not stress yourself just before the exams.

totheidea has designed an exclusive training session for students to enjoy their exams and at the same time achieve good results. Assure yourself that you are the best, no matter what. Assure yourself that you can, no matter what. totheidea assures you that no matter what, you will score bigger and better every time in your exams.  

How often have you felt the need to have a photographic memory so that you could remember everything clear and fast? If you want to avoid embarrassing memory lapses and sharpen your memory, join our totheidea memory improvisation training that is designed for people like you.

totheidea decodes the science of memory for you. Encoding, storage, and recall are intertwined in the memory or brain. Your art of memorizing begins from the first step of encoding itself. By the time you reach the recall stage, your brain would have easily deciphered the things that are encoded and stored if you use some memory improvisation techniques.

  • What is it that takes to build up your memory? Good sleep, adequate exercises? We get to the base of it and find out the best memory techniques for you.
  • Heard of the mnemonic” My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas”. Well, Mercury, Venus, Earth… remember?
  • Ever tried to visualize or picture something creative that will become fixed in your memory? Turn the abstract information into a picture with our memory improvisation techniques.
  • Have you tried to form a meaningful sequence so that you remember numbers or words in a line? totheidea has some excellent techniques for memory pegging.
  • Have you made room to store valuable information in your brain? Offload the garbage to make room for some good stuff with our memory improvisation techniques.

This is a 20 hours session that includes definition memorizing techniques and memorizing and recalling the contents of an entire book. 

Memorizing information takes effort, so let us focus on the information that we really need to understand. totheidea memory improvement techniques will aid you to make your brain work faster and retain things that are important.

Vedic Math is being promoted globally now. It is the fastest mental math system that was discovered during the Vedic times. It consists of sutras and formulas to solve complex mathematical challenges in a far simpler manner. Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja was the founder of Vedic Math in India. His written book contains sixteen sutras and fifteen sub-sutras which are the mental calculation techniques. Its shortcuts and techniques help students to master numerical calculations in a matter of seconds.

totheidea brings to your Vedic Math sessions which are highly beneficial to students. The most difficult problems can be solved almost immediately by the Vedic method. totheidea undertakes Vedic Math sessions for 20 hours. It is open to all students from 6th grade to 12th grade.

The benefits of attending totheidea Vedic Math sessions are-

  • It will help you to calculate faster than the conventional methods
  • Math subject will become easy to learn
  • You can solve the complex calculations within seconds
  • It will boost your confidence and self-esteem
  • You can score well in your competitive exams
  • Math study will be fun and more engaging
  • It increases the speed and accuracy of calculations and results
  • It sharpens your mind and increases your intelligence
  • Concentration power is enhanced in children
  • It boosts academic performance and results.

The totheidea Vedic Math sessions are easy to understand, easy to apply, and easy to remember. It gives your child a competitive edge and optimizes their performance. It will help them build their logic and make them shine in the classroom and beyond. 

Social training

If your child’s behavior is making you concerned, no worries, totheidea has got it covered. The best thing you can do to improve your child’s behavior is to spend quality time with them every day. Your children want positive attention and emotional connection from you. For their better behavior, all the family members need to pitch in. totheidea positive parenting is all about strategies and techniques needed by parents to induce positivity in kids.   

  • Having a problem with your kids misbehaving? The reason may not probably be what you think. We find a solution to the common problems that parents face very often.
  • Do your commands backfire? The kids ignore the commands of their parents and essentially do what they like. But, this does not mean that you cannot put your kids in line. We have the perfect approach to how your kids will obey you.
  • Do you want your kids to listen to you the first time? Parents have this constant power struggle with their kids. They want the kids to behave as per their wish each time. totheidea positive parenting is all about kids listening to you happily.  
  • Do you want to discipline your kids? Many of the parents are tired of constant yelling at the kids. totheidea has a solution on how to discipline your kids the right way.
  • Are your strategies not working? If your strategies are not working, then it is not a problem with you or your kid. But at totheidea, you will learn what else will work with your kids.

Cut through the chaos by joining our totheidea positive parenting sessions. You will start seeing better behavior from your kids and you will get to witness a happier and more peaceful home.

Many of us have faced unemployment period in our life. After graduating from college to experienced workers changing their profession, career options sometimes put us through stress and uncertainty in life. A student worries about what he has to do after he completes his studies. An experienced worker wonders if he will find suitable employment if he wants a job change. totheidea turns a career counselor and will help you to sail through the difficult phase of unemployment in life. We will help you to identify the skill gaps and maximize your potential.

How do we conduct our career guidance sessions? What are the objectives of it?

  • We develop a meaningful connection with the participants. We understand their worries, interests, desires, and failures. Our training session is meant to provide full support and guidance.
  • We help the participants define their goals and direct them towards it. We help them focus their attention to what is important in life and what they want to accomplish.
  • The totheidea career guidance session gives space to the clients to talk about the issues affecting their career and career options. We provide them a gateway to self-discovery.
  • Our career guidance training is aimed at making the participants prepare the modern job insecurities.

totheidea career guidance helps you to find an alternative career that is in tune with your abilities and life goals. There is a long term benefit to enter into a career that you like to do. We help you find the natural connection between you and your job. We put you on the right track and accelerate your career success.

An individual living in the society has to have a strong association with self and others. Be it an employee working in an organization, student studying in a school or a couple living together, interpersonal relationships can be found everywhere. And moreover, interpersonal relationships matter if you want to live a happy and successful life. An interaction between self and others form the crux of your existence.


  • Are you having problems communicating with staff at your workplace?
  • Are you not getting along well with your partner?
  • Do you have problems interacting with others in school?
  • Does your neighbor find you unfriendly?

A difference of opinion, lack of communication, and misunderstandings often crop up and lead to poor interpersonal relationships.

So, how do you develop your interpersonal relationships? totheidea brings you Kuch Bhi series which is a training program meant to develop your interpersonal relationships. This session is open to all from businessmen, students, couples, housewives, to employees.

totheidea Kuch Bhi focuses mainly on these interpersonal relationships-

  1. From person to person
  2. From person to family
  • From person to society
  1. From person to nation

Why do you need to attend totheidea Kuch Bhi seminar?

  • As an individual, you need people around you. It is a fact that humans forge strong relationships in their lifetime and value it immensely. We need people to discuss various issues, evaluate and analyze things or just talk to somebody to feel light and fresh.
  • A single brain is incapable of taking the best decisions. Interactions result in the healthy outcome of strategies and decisions.
  • We need people around us to appreciate our hard work and feel us loved. We need people to motivate us and care for us.
  • It is a given that a lonely person cannot survive happily with zero interactions.

But many-a-times, people do not know how to take advantage of interpersonal relationships. They make a mess and easily spoil their relationships with others. totheidea Kuch Bhi is designed for individuals who want to have a better interpersonal relationship with others so that they can gain the maximum positive advantage out of it.  

What are the benefits of attending the totheidea Kuch Bhi training seminar?

  • You get to develop a strong association with your partner, employees, peers, and society.
  • You try to develop a bond with your co-habitants to deliver your level best
  • You learn to be honest with each other for a healthy interpersonal relationship
  • You create a positive ambiance at your home, workplace, college, and society.

With totheidea Kuch Bhi training seminar, you will definitely see an improvement in your interpersonal relationships.   

totheidea motivation training is part of our soft skills training portfolio to hone the motivational skills of participants. This training session is open to all. Housewives, corporate employees, businessmen, students, managers- everyone can participate and enhance their self-motivation to reach the desired goals.

  • Our motivation training to participants improves the ability to push themselves harder. This, in turn, increases personal and professional performance.
  • This training program helps employees, managers, and leaders in corporate organizations to create successful professional relationships thereby contributing to the growth of the company.
  • Businessmen can take advantage of our motivation training program to improve the capabilities of their team.
  • Students and housewives can use their energy and improve their talent thus leading to enhanced self-esteem.

The focus areas of our motivation training workshop include-

  • Improving self-confidence
  • Never say die attitude
  • Measuring their success
  • Power of positive attitude
  • Power of persistence
  • Importance of commitment
  • Personal goal setting
  • Expectations and self-efficacy
  • Ways to motivate oneself

By attending this motivation training workshop, you will start to identify your strengths. You will start to be persistent in motivating yourself and discover ways to improve it. You will be able to overcome obstacles and have a clear vision. When you attend our motivation training, we guarantee you that you will start to enjoy the impact of it- SUCCESS.     

A keynote speech or address is given to set the theme for the event at a business conference or some main event. Mr. Rajul Pareekh, a trained motivational coach delivers exceptional keynote speeches. He is the most graceful motivator, visualizer, business development coach, and consultant. He believes in creative development through life vision. He is an entrepreneur and life coach who will touch your sixth sense and introduce yourself to you. Mr. Rajul Pareekh has already given keynote speeches on many occasions. A man of simplicity, he delivers the best keynote speech that instantly connects with the audience. Each of his speeches us unique, thought-provoking, and satisfies the participants in the event.

In the keynote speech, Mr. Rajul Pareekh will deliver the best speech that will have the audiences hooked. A powerful orator, Mr. Pareekh is passionate about delivering the best that will empower the audiences and change their way of thinking.   

Features of Mr. Pareekh’s keynote speech-

  • It will include motivational and inspirational elements.
  • He makes use of storytelling in an effective manner
  • You get an increased audience engagement
  • He sets an effective tone for the entire event
  • He speaks about his coaching experiences
  • He inspires and brings about an amazing level of transformation
  • He ignites the passion of the audience and gives talks about how to excel in life.

Mr. Rajul Pareekh helps you to connect with the attendees with his keynote speech and make it motivational and inspiring. He provides tips to make solid connections by sharing and expressing common ground.

Mr. Rajul Pareekh does not deliver a good keynote speech, but a great one indeed!

Outbound training

Learning from experience is a powerful methodology that is more effective than in closed classrooms. totheidea undertakes school outbound training programs for the overall development of the students.

Why sign in for totheidea student outbound training?

  • This outdoor education program for students is aimed to develop leadership skills with team building and life presentation.
  • The students are introduced to experimental learning with adventure and outdoor education
  • The student learns meaningful experiences, reflection, self-discovery, and character development.
  • totheidea helps students get connected with their own self
  • They learn to be fearless and to think differently with the limited available resources
  • The totheidea student outbound training is lots of fun and adventure coupled with nature-based learning activities.
  • Students learn to trust others and their own self.
  • They gain tremendous self-confidence and this improves their inner strength.

This totheidea student outbound training is offered to all schools, colleges, and universities. It includes outdoor learning, team building, adventure camps, and sports. We customize the creative action and service so that we achieve comprehensive development of the students.

totheidea student outbound training provides-

  • Structured training methodology
  • Certified trainers and facilitators
  • Certified adventure trainers and staff
  • Certified equipment
  • Safety rules will be followed stringently

totheidea student outbound training follows the ‘learning by doing’ approach. Consult us for more details today!

What level of traits do you have in you to succeed in life? Leadership, enthusiasm, motivation, observation, listening skills, innovation, confidence, sporting spirit, and team coordination are required in the right proportions if you are to lead your life to the maximum. At totheidea SOCIAL OUTBOUND TRAINING, we conduct training activities beyond one’s physical and mental boundaries. This allows individuals to understand themselves and the people around. 

This simulation-based learning helps individuals to develop self-confidence and understand themselves better. It builds a positive attitude to face any crisis in life by out of the box thinking. All the outdoor activities focus on the mind and body to nudge the participants to understand their personal responsibilities and help others when in a team.

totheidea conducts social outbound training to students, corporate employees, managers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and housewives.

The benefits of participating in social outbound training-

  • It builds up complementary skills thus increasing collaboration, innovation, and productivity.
  • It develops team spirit by involving collective strategies, trust building and giving and receiving feedback.
  • It helps them reflect on their inherent strengths and weaknesses.
  • It helps them accept greater challenges and responsibilities in life.
  • Our totheidea social outbound training tests your leadership skills and team dynamics.
  • We continuously evaluate them based on process compliance, leadership skills, initiative, timely completion of tasks and overall capabilities.

So, are you ready to approach physical, social, mental, and emotional challenges? Our totheidea social outbound training acts as a behavioral change tool to develop different aspects in you. We design immersive outbound training that serves as an experiential learning program to engage participants not only physically and mentally but also soulfully. Call us for more inquiries. We will be glad to help you.    

Are you getting the best out of your corporate employees and managers? If not, partner with totheidea to get the best out of your team. How do we do it? Simple! We do it through OUTBOUND Corporate Training.

The performance of an organization is highly dependent on teamwork, trust, and effective communication skills. So, how do you teach them these trust-building exercises? OUTBOUND corporate training is the perfect answer.

In totheidea corporate outbound training, we take the employees and the executives out of their comfort zone. We make the ambiance drastically different from the office setup. We set them tasks where interdependence is essential. We take them out to outdoor camps and offer them an exclusive range of customized activities that are fun to do and at the same time teach them self-realization, teamwork, and trust.

How does totheidea outbound corporate training help improve the performance of your team and the company?

  • totheidea outbound corporate training is a cutting edge tool in management development and personality enrichment.
  • The participants will need to strategize, coordinate, execute, and perform against time. They learn to improvise with other team member’s personal limitations and ground realities.
  • Here, learning plays a crucial role and training is a hidden objective during the fun learning sessions.
  • We assure you of a team with better life skill results and that will work together in a close-knit manner.
  • This training will provide the executives as well as employees with better management skills and personality
  • It will have a positive outcome on their interactions with their peers, subordinates, and clients.

totheidea outbound corporate training is uniquely designed and aims for holistic development of the participants.

Brand Consultation

Your band is your identity. When it comes to marketing, your brand speaks everything. totheidea helps organizations build a better brand. We provide winning strategies to meet the marketing needs of your company.

  • We assess your business-specific problems and consult accordingly
  • We forge a genuine partnership with you to decide on a proven path to brand success through strategy and adequate planning
  • We help you realize your market potential and make your business stand out
  • We have a customer-centric approach that guides you to full market execution with confidence.

totheidea guarantees you of higher revenues, higher margins and higher profits with our brand strategy consulting.

As a part of totheidea brand consultation, we have customized strategies ready for you in-

  • Logo development
  • Brand management
  • Website building
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques
  • Social media marketing
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Creative graphics
  • Mobile App development
  • Continuous promotion and branding

We assess your challenges and provide first-class brand strategy services. We believe in a valid partnership to forge your brand hit through full market execution techniques. We help you grasp your market potential with our brand strategy techniques. Rest assured, with totheidea brand consultation, your business will surely grow continuously and exponentially.

Digital Marketing Career

Digital marketing has emerged as the hot career choice that is continuously on the rise. This course is so popular and in demand, because it not only helps you to get a good income job but also helps to start your own digital marketing business. The demand for digital marketing candidates has skyrocketed over the past decade. There are at least more than 1 lakh job listings on various job portals in India. This field is growing rapidly and the businesses are becoming increasingly aware of how much positive impact digital marketing has on their business.

totheidea has introduced the digital marketing course that will help you to polish your digital marketing skills. It will boost your chances of finding a job in the digital marketing industry. Moreover, you can start your own digital marketing consulting business after the completion of this course.

Who is the training for?

Anyone can join the totheidea digital marketing course. Education, experience or age is no bar to learn it.

  • Marketing professionals dealing with client services and marketing.
  • Business owners looking to enhance the digital marketing of their business.
  • Students doing BCA, BBA, MBA, MCA, B.E (Comp), Diploma (Comp) can head start their IT career.
  • Housewives who are interested in making an extra income from online marketing
  • Professionals who want to make a switch-over to digital marketing.
  • Company CEOs looking forward to ideas in marketing strategies.

After the completion of this course, you will receive-

  • 7 Google certificates
  • 1 Digital Deepak certificate
  • 1 MOZ SEO certificate
  • 1 totheidea certificate

This Google certified digital marketing course covers the following modules-

  1. Website planning and creation
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  3. YouTube channel optimization
  4. Google advertisement (Display + PPC)
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. E-mail marketing
  7. E-commerce business hacks
  8. Affiliate marketing
  9. Drop Shipping (Alibaba + Shopify)
  10. Online selling (Amazon, Flipkart etc)
  11. Google AdSense + Admob
  12. Local Area Listings

 Why train from totheidea digital marketing course?

  • Recognized digital marketing certification
  • Practical hands-on training through live projects
  • Enhance career skills
  • Boost your salary
  • Handle marketing campaigns independently
  • Scale the business very fast
  • Reach the right audience
  • High returns on investment
  • Cost-effective

Come and join our highly professional skill-based totheidea digital marketing course and be assured of getting a handsome corporate job or starting a new business of your own.