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About Raajul Parekh

As a seasoned strategist, Raajul has harnessed years of expertise to help businesses flourish. With a deep understanding of Gujarat's unique market landscape, Raajul spearheads ToTheIdea to provide tailored solutions that propel businesses to new heights.

Years of experience


Business Growth

Expanding markets, increasing revenue, thriving ventures, scaling success, sustained profitability, growth.

Business Health Checkup

Assessing performance, identifying strengths, detecting weaknesses, optimizing operations, ensuring sustainability.

Best Execution

Efficient, timely, accurate, transparent, cost-effective, customer-centric, quality-driven, compliant, successful, market-leading.

Proud stories
Business Mastery Program conducted by Mr. Raajul Parikh was excellent. I learned many things which were not known to me. Some tactics were known to me but was not following. After attending this program I started to follow all the tactics taught in the program. One can define his/her goal with time frame after attending this program. I suggest everyone to fo for this program who want to grow their business.
It was an eye opening and informative workshop on how to gain exponential growth in your business. I recommend all those who struggle to know whether they are growing or not or want to grow their business must attend this workshop.
Ronak Parikh
Great Expereince after visiting his Workshop,Got to known what was missing in my strategy,How to execute,what to do and what to avoid,Team Management and Planning were too discuused.Highly obliged to be the part of workshop
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